Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thanks to the American Family Physician for this image.

As you'll realise, it isn't that easy finding a picture of gastro-enteritis suitable for a normal, run-of-the mill blog!

Let's make one thing clear. Today was not going to be a nice day. It's one of the busiest days in my working year. So, when I woke up worrying about Cello-Kid, convinced he would be in hospital by the time the day was out, I also knew a tension headache wasn't far away. I took medication to work with me - but didn't have time to stop and TAKE it.

Right. So the day progressed, until by lunchtime I (a) knew that Cello-Kid had indeed been taken to hospital (NOT the one for Sick Kids, as thirteen is deemed to be too big to be a kid any more), and (b) had a truly splitting headache all to myself.

Since someone was with Cello-Kid and there was nothing I could do, I simply had to stay at work and get on with the job. I barely had time for lunch, but I owed it to my colleagues to eat something - it lessened the chance of me getting irritable later. However, having left the department to get some lunch, I found I had left my painkillers back in the office. Couldn't go back for them, or someone would have stopped me and asked me for something. They always do.

Dashing into Boots, I found a magical new painkiller - Syndol. It has paracetamol, codeine and doxylamine succinate (never heard of it!) to relax muscular tension. It doesn't contain aspirin or ibuprofen, which I cannot take. But - it worked!! Better than anything I've tried before. This is a breakthrough. I smiled my way through the rest of the afternoon, and got home shattered, but sane.

Cello-Kid came home a little later, shattered, but mercifully just a little off-colour. So there is no emergency. We've arranged cover so SuperSpouse can stay off work for a couple of days, and life will stagger on. Only one problem - I'm wide awake, but I really can't face doing any research. I've had too much to think about today.

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