Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A visit down to see my family has left Pseudo-Supermum in turmoil.

It was my nephew's christening, and I went down from Scotland to Norfolk, to play the organ at the service. The service was lovely, the baby behaved himself beautifully, and even the weather was on its best behaviour. We all enjoyed the reception afterwards, too.

So far so good. My father is becoming increasingly frail, and I noticed a difference since the last time I was down in June. My mother is preoccupied and anxious about selling the family home, as the new bungalow is almost ready for them to move into - but there aren't enough people interested in buying the old one. It's a wonderful old house - hard to see why it is proving so hard to sell.

They drive each other mad! This is nothing new, but it doesn't make for a harmonious household. Father was very happy to see me, but sad in the realisation that he might not see me many times more. It was heartbreaking.

I stayed for three nights then travelled back home again. Cello-Boy is feeling off-colour, and had been to the emergency doctor. He went to his own GP today, and has to phoned her up tomorrow if he's feeling no better. That's a bit worrying, for a boy of just 13.

I did two loads of washing before bedtime last night, and another before work this morning. SuperSpouse had done some ironing, but I don't think the washing-machine did its all-singing, all-dancing super-sorting, heavenly-hanging, fancy-folding and perfectionist-putting away routine while I was away. It obviously missed its mummy.

Then when I got to the underground this morning, there was some kind of problem. There must have been, because trains are usually very frequent - and we ended up waiting ages then cramming ourselves in like sardines.

See why I'm in turmoil?

While SuperSpouse and his friend try to clear out a virus from his PC, I've got the boys to bed, done an online supermarket order, taken the home-help home, folded laundry and hung more. I haven't done any research and at 11.45 pm, it's too late to start. (That's why I'm blogging - it takes less intellectual effort.)

Granted I needn't have watched Super-Nanny with no.2 son, but a girl's entitled to some relaxation, isn't she?!

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