Sunday, September 17, 2006

You know, my washing machine is amazing.

This morning I watched as it emptied the pulley, folded everything neatly into piles, then hung up a fresh load of washing. This afternoon, it went upstairs, collected the dirty laundry, sorted it and put the coloured wash through, pausing to give the detergent dispenser a thorough clean before starting the wash. (I once saw a quiz to determine whether you were a slattern or a perfect housewife. I only avoided being a slattern by being able to tick the box for cleaning the detergent dispenser. But I digress.)

This evening, it collected still more dirty laundry after the boys' bathtime, once again sorted it then loaded the machine with a white wash. At some stage it will take down the morning pulley-load, and hang up as much as possible of the afternoon and evenings, before settling down to a final coloured wash before bedtime.

Oh, I'm so glad I have a washing-machine to do all this for me. Washing takes no time at all. Leaving me time to cook lunch, bake and ice a birthday cake, and supervise music practice before organising bath- and bedtime!

Any minute now, Super-Rev will phone (alias, my father). I just have time to down a coffee before that...


mommyguilt said...

I'm SO jealous! I want your washing machine! Mine hasn't collected laundry in quite some time. I tried catching up, but then, well...piles, pile, and more piles.

Drop me a line w/your email at my email (which you can get through my profile), and we can chat about my, now, Not-So-SmallBoy's book. Perhaps we can trade for your washing machine...tee heee

Anonymous said...

hey I have one of those cool pulley things too. We brought ours with us when we left Scotland, is there a special name for one? Anyhow you're making me feel bad, our washing machine has not been busy the last few days there is a mount washmore piled up beside it, i think i'd better start speaking firmly to it since i have no intention of doing anything myself.