Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween - we've never been guising before.

Monday. A whole day stretched before me, with three appointments and an evening duty at work. Manageable? Why ever not!

  • Cello-Boy’s tooth extraction turned complicated – 50 minutes and a lot of skill by the dentist.
  • That meant I had five minutes to get to another part of town for my own doctor’s appointment. We arrived late. It didn’t matter – the doctor was later. Then I was referred to go and get blood samples taken. That was another hour down the tube!

Ah, well. We came home, Cello-Boy took Calpol and chilled in front of a video, and eventually I went and got a nice big tin of tomato soup to have for lunch.

  • Time to go out for his doctor’s appointment. That surgery is very high-tech. You log yourself in, and get advised electronically if the doctor is running late. He was estimated to be 18 minutes behind schedule. It was somewhat more than that.

Which is how I found myself returning home through the Clyde Tunnel at 4.30 pm, knowing I had to be at work at 5 pm. I dropped Cello-Boy off home with the rest of the family, and drove off to the underground.

  • I was under ten minutes late to work – not bad.

Home again by 9 pm, when I had tea then spoke to my mother on the phone. (They’re talking of sending Dad home from hospital. He can’t feed himself, wash himself, go to the bathroom … and mother is 76, organising a house-move all by herself. Send him home?)

Oh, I forgot. I also put a load of washing through, and did a bit of ironing and a couple of sewing repairs while I was in the house in between appointments.

“Did you phone the TV arial man? Why not?”, Super-Spouse asked this afternoon. Super-Spouse is under a lot of stress just now, so we’ll forgive him this indiscretion!!! Pseudo-Supermum feels quite stressed, too. Must be catching.

Images thanks to blog.kir.com and LexisNexis.co.uk

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What do you do for a fancy-dress party that is strictly NOT a Halloween party? The boys couldn't think of any film or TV characters, until finally this morning I presented them with an ultimatum. The party is tomorrow. Decide NOW or you won't have a costume at all!

"We have light sabres", commented my youngest. Bingo! They would be brown gowned Jedi.

SuperSpouse instantly found a website telling me how to make the gowns: http://www.degraeve.com/jedirobe/ . The website owner is a genius - I made TWO gowns for under £9.00! And who is this inspired person? All I can tell you is what the banner says:-

"DeGraeve.com - The Projects of Steven DeGraeve"

No research has been done tonight - it's now 11 pm - but We have fancy-dress costumes!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Monday, I found myself in the park with six boys and a couple of baseball bats.

To be honest, they admitted themselves that they weren't much shakes at baseball. However, there's a little Jack Russell dog callled Jake which hangs around our neighbourhood. (The boys say he's a stray, but he wears a natty red collar and is in no way malnourished or uncared for.) Anyway, Jake played with the boys in the park. They threw sticks for him. They hung on branches and shook leaves - which got him very excited indeed. Then they played hide-and-seek, which interested him a lot less but gave them a lot of amusement. I took a book to read, but didn't get past the title-page. It was good to see them all having fun.

There's no further news about my Dad. Mum spoke to a nurse last night who said they weren't sure he had dislocated his shoulder (Excuse me? But you did an x-ray and manipulated the shoulder?). They thought he might have an urinary infection and had given him antibiotics. Mum was dubious about that, too. Waiting for news is worse than anything, because you are so powerless!

Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Dad (with my oldest nephew)

My father blacked out at 6 am this morning, and dislocated his shoulder as he fell. Already frail, his mobility is much impaired, suggesting another mini-stroke has occurred - we won't know more until the hospital doctors have assessed him in the morning. I'm in Glasgow - my family is in Norfolk. I was only down there a fortnight ago, and am booked to go back in five weeks. Who knows whether I'll be making another trip between now and then?

I'm not in the mood for blogging, but I wanted to ask for readers' thoughts and prayers for the next few days.

Thank you.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You see this innocent-looking cooker? Butter wouldn't melt in its mouth, surely?

Well, that's what you think. Appliances in our house have minds of their own. Every morning, before breakfast, we put the boys' lunchboxes on the stone-cold cooker and get the packed lunches put together.

Today, however, my dressing-gown cord caught on the left-hand knob. A little later, there was a strange smell. I put it down to the sausage-roll that SuperSpouse had got out. (I'd noticed it was a day past its sell-by date, so I threw it away.) Viola-Kid had a lunch-box which I had just noticed was looking a bit sorry for itself - and within minutes it went from this ...

... to this, on the under-side.

Guess what I spent my lunch-break trying to replace? It's hard when a child is ten. All the kids' boxes were too babyish. Finally, I found an adult one and proudly took it home. Fortunately, he liked it. Yippee!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Family Fun!

We visited Kelvinhall Art Galleries today - the first time since the refurbishment. I thought I'd just post a few pictures of what we saw. My phone camera didn't do justice to the Spitfire suspended from the ceiling in the main hall, so I'll leave that to your imagination.

Pseudo-Supermum has also cooked, washed and baked today. But right now, she's going to throw a hissy fit if those boys don't Tidy up their Room before music practice and bedtime ...

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sick kids! Cello-Boy went back to school on Wednesday; he was bored of being at home. I think he's on the mend after his gastro enteritis.

Viola-Kid still has the end of his coughing virus. Most of the time, he doesn't cough at all. Occasionally, though, he coughs and ends up vomiting. Very occasionally. It happened at the swimming pool, and he got carted off to the first-aid room. This led to:-

  • The first-aiders recommending him to see his doctor (I know from my own training that this is what a first-aider is expected to do);
  • The class teacher wrote me a letter saying he had been very sick and was still troubled with his chest infection;
  • The child himself gave SuperSpouse to understand that he practically fainted in the water and had to be got out;
  • Clearly, everyone expected me to do something.

We went to the GP yesterday morning. He declared that after a month, the virus has probably almost burnt itself out, but that in a week we should go for peak-flow testing just to rule out asthma. But since Viola-kid doesn't cough at night, it doesn't seem very likely. Neither does he wheeze. (Cello-kid was asthmatic as a toddler, so we do have three years' experience of what it's like.) So that's the story up-to-date. Watch this space!

MEANWHILE, Ocarina-kid lost his third tooth yesterday and wanted me to take a photo of it. A good Mummy would post it on her blog, I suppose, but I drew the line at taking photos of tiny teeth.
The tooth fairy nearly forgot her duty last night, though, which caused a spot of difficulty in the morning. Luckily, she seems to have taken the tooth away - but I can only assume that we must have disturbed her before she put the pound coin under his pillow. We found it down in the dining-room instead.

It's a miserable, rainy autumnal morning - one for which the Scottish word "dreich" was made.(Pronounced "Dreech", with the "ch" being the same as the end of the word "loch" - a hissing sound at the back of your throat.)

Nonetheless, the washing-machine is crying out for more laundry, so I'd better oblige. Wouldn't you think that my modern, all-singing, all-dancing machine would be capable of sorting the washing, loading it, emptying the pulley of the previous wash; as we all know, we modern women have NOTHING to do now we have so many appliances to do it all for us...