Tuesday, October 17, 2006

On Monday, I found myself in the park with six boys and a couple of baseball bats.

To be honest, they admitted themselves that they weren't much shakes at baseball. However, there's a little Jack Russell dog callled Jake which hangs around our neighbourhood. (The boys say he's a stray, but he wears a natty red collar and is in no way malnourished or uncared for.) Anyway, Jake played with the boys in the park. They threw sticks for him. They hung on branches and shook leaves - which got him very excited indeed. Then they played hide-and-seek, which interested him a lot less but gave them a lot of amusement. I took a book to read, but didn't get past the title-page. It was good to see them all having fun.

There's no further news about my Dad. Mum spoke to a nurse last night who said they weren't sure he had dislocated his shoulder (Excuse me? But you did an x-ray and manipulated the shoulder?). They thought he might have an urinary infection and had given him antibiotics. Mum was dubious about that, too. Waiting for news is worse than anything, because you are so powerless!

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