Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sick kids! Cello-Boy went back to school on Wednesday; he was bored of being at home. I think he's on the mend after his gastro enteritis.

Viola-Kid still has the end of his coughing virus. Most of the time, he doesn't cough at all. Occasionally, though, he coughs and ends up vomiting. Very occasionally. It happened at the swimming pool, and he got carted off to the first-aid room. This led to:-

  • The first-aiders recommending him to see his doctor (I know from my own training that this is what a first-aider is expected to do);
  • The class teacher wrote me a letter saying he had been very sick and was still troubled with his chest infection;
  • The child himself gave SuperSpouse to understand that he practically fainted in the water and had to be got out;
  • Clearly, everyone expected me to do something.

We went to the GP yesterday morning. He declared that after a month, the virus has probably almost burnt itself out, but that in a week we should go for peak-flow testing just to rule out asthma. But since Viola-kid doesn't cough at night, it doesn't seem very likely. Neither does he wheeze. (Cello-kid was asthmatic as a toddler, so we do have three years' experience of what it's like.) So that's the story up-to-date. Watch this space!

MEANWHILE, Ocarina-kid lost his third tooth yesterday and wanted me to take a photo of it. A good Mummy would post it on her blog, I suppose, but I drew the line at taking photos of tiny teeth.
The tooth fairy nearly forgot her duty last night, though, which caused a spot of difficulty in the morning. Luckily, she seems to have taken the tooth away - but I can only assume that we must have disturbed her before she put the pound coin under his pillow. We found it down in the dining-room instead.

It's a miserable, rainy autumnal morning - one for which the Scottish word "dreich" was made.(Pronounced "Dreech", with the "ch" being the same as the end of the word "loch" - a hissing sound at the back of your throat.)

Nonetheless, the washing-machine is crying out for more laundry, so I'd better oblige. Wouldn't you think that my modern, all-singing, all-dancing machine would be capable of sorting the washing, loading it, emptying the pulley of the previous wash; as we all know, we modern women have NOTHING to do now we have so many appliances to do it all for us...

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