Tuesday, October 10, 2006

You see this innocent-looking cooker? Butter wouldn't melt in its mouth, surely?

Well, that's what you think. Appliances in our house have minds of their own. Every morning, before breakfast, we put the boys' lunchboxes on the stone-cold cooker and get the packed lunches put together.

Today, however, my dressing-gown cord caught on the left-hand knob. A little later, there was a strange smell. I put it down to the sausage-roll that SuperSpouse had got out. (I'd noticed it was a day past its sell-by date, so I threw it away.) Viola-Kid had a lunch-box which I had just noticed was looking a bit sorry for itself - and within minutes it went from this ...

... to this, on the under-side.

Guess what I spent my lunch-break trying to replace? It's hard when a child is ten. All the kids' boxes were too babyish. Finally, I found an adult one and proudly took it home. Fortunately, he liked it. Yippee!

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