Wednesday, November 22, 2006

A better day

It was necessary to get to grips with new blogging software at work, as we're adopting, as opposed to - which I've used for several years now.

I created a new weblog for experimental purposes. Introducing ... Multi-taskers Anonymous.

I hasten to add, this is just a trivial blog while I get the hang of wordpress. It's not the one I'll eventually set up! I just want to compare functionality, ease of use, and what all the different tabs and buttons do.

I phoned the outdoor sports shop first thing this morning and got them to leave aside a bigger jacket - so I was able to pick it up at lunchtime. No.2 son is ecstatic. It's plenty big enough - the sleeves are actually too big, but he'll grow into it. And it has a removable fleecy lining so he can wear it in the summer as a rain-jacket, too. Success!

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