Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ever had a Bad Shopping Day?

Honestly, I wasn't even Christmas shopping. I was just getting a few things in my lunch-break.

  • I needed an 80th birthday present for my father, who has been in hospital over a month after suffering a stroke. Mother told me he needed jog-pants. I found some, perfectly suitable. Bought them, and some other things to make the parcel more exciting. Then went on my next errand.
  • A waterproof, cosy winter jacket for no.2 son. He is 10. The choice was a jacket for 9-10 years, or 11-12 years. The latter looked much too big, so I took the former.

Back to work - where I cried at the thought of my father, a retired school-teacher and minister, reduced to shuffling around in jog-pants.

And eventually, home at the end of the day - to discover that the 9-10 jacket is too tight. I'll have to take it back. Bother!

  • This evening I nipped into Asda to buy a birthday card. Surely I couldn't get that wrong! But I did. I found a lovely card, not humorous, just tasteful - after all, you can't buy a jokey card about getting old, when someone is in a stroke rehabilitation ward - however, it wasn't until I got home that I realised I hadn't got an envelope with it. And it wasn't a cheap card. My fault, of course, but the till assistant didn't notice either. Annoying as this is, it seems a bit drastic to drive all the way back to to Asda at 10.20 pm, to claim my envelope. I've found one that j-u-s-t fits, so that will have to do, unless Super-Spouse can find something better.

My horoscope didn't say "this hasn't been your day" - but it might as well have done!

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mommyguilt said...

Oh I've had those days! I know exactly what you mean!