Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I'll start where I left off - with Cello-Kid's cake.

So - the harmony teacher was leaving, and suggested all the kids should have a cake-baking contest. The fact that half of them live in residence, not at home, didn't seem to have occurred to anyone. Could they ALL have made cakes in the residence kitchenette this evening? Precisely.

We baked our cake late on Sunday night. I froze it.

This morning (Tuesday), I got a phone-call - very early.

"Mum - you're going to kill me!"
"Try me."
"See, that cake we baked?"
"Well, the teacher isn't leaving after all, and ...."

After a very hectic day today, I bought a large jar of strawberry jam on the way home. Before I went out again this evening, I sandwiched together the two halves of the now-defrosted cake. And took it to the residence, so it could be taken to school tomorrow.

On top of that cake is a piece of kitchen-roll, with the words, "I was conned!" (Or, in Glaswegian, "Ah wiz conned.")

You have to see the funny side of it, though. The teacher who was leaving suddenly had a Damascus moment, realised he was going to miss the kids too much, and changed his mind. He's apparently now going to spend his time commuting between his OLD job and his NEW one. I presume both always were intended to be part-time, or he'll never sit still.

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