Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm a convert!

To what? I've visited an osteopath for the first time ever, today. Wow!

Years ago, when I was expecting the boys, I was bothered with carpal tunnel syndrome. It never totally went away, but up until fairly recently, it hasn't been much bother. Waking up with numb, tingly fingers became normal. The aching arms were a bit more bothersome, but it wore off quickly enough once I was out of bed and moving around. And the pins-and-needles feeling was only really triggered by carrying a heavy bag - or a laptop! (That was easily solved - I got a case that I could wear as a backpack.)

However, recently my fingers have been numb, tingly and burning nearly all the time. My arms have ached more. I've even resorted to pain-relief. And, eventually conceding to myself that it wasn't going to get better unless I did something about it, I went to my GP, who promised to refer me to the orthopaedic specialists at our local hospital.

The National Health Service is a wonderful facility, most of the time, and if you have a crisis, they really rise to the occasion. But for non-emergencies, you can wait for ages.

Speaking to a colleague the other day, she recommended her osteopath. I phoned up yesterday, and got an appointment today. I do believe she has made a difference already. I may not have carpal tunnel syndrome, but extreme tension in my neck and shoulders. Indeed, this may be causing my tension headaches, too. Whatever the cause - I'll be going back - oh yes, I'll be back!

I have some simple exercises to do at home meanwhile. If it helps as much as the treatment helped, then I won't forget to do them.

Oh, happy days ...

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mommyguilt said...

And I was SO hoping for a miracle breakthrough for carpal tunnel. I didn't discover I had it until I was pregnant with my first. It's never really gone away, and he's 16. EEEEK (of course, all of this blogging that I do doesn't really help much, does it).