Sunday, November 26, 2006

Stressed to the max!

I have only two observations to make. You know those buns I made for the school "home-baking" stall?

What did my darling family bring back from the Christmas Fayre? A pack of 12 Traditional Fairy Cakes from Sherwood Forest Bakeries, sell-by date 3rd March '07. Clearly just as fresh as the ones I'd baked ...

This evening I was playing at church, so at 17.40 I started to get ready to go out.

"Oh, Mum! We're having a baking contest for our music harmony teacher." (Eh? Yes, right!) "So could you nip into the supermarket and buy a packet of quick cake-mix so I can make a cake?"

At 7.56 pm on a Sunday, Morrisons were closing. Pausing only to note that there was a nail in my front tyre which might mean a flat tyre in the morning, I drove home without a quick cake-mix.

Supervised the making of a cake from scratch, cooled the two halves and froze them. To be dealt with.

You've absolutely no idea the chaos I am surrounded by. And that's nothing to the chaos in my head. It is 21.58 and I have at least four hours' research to do, but I don't somehow see myself lasting until 2 am. So - er - if I have to get a flat tyre repaired, AND go to the osteopath, AND go to the orthdontist, AND get to work for 1 pm (not possible), AND work until 8.30 pm tomorrow night, what are my chances of getting that abstract written for the Bristol conference which takes place after Christmas...?

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