Sunday, November 05, 2006


SuperSpouse is out all day today, too. And the two bigger boys are due back from their respective sleepovers any minute now. That left me and Ocarina-Kid to our own devices all day.

We went to church. We came home, and I made soup. (Yes, made it. From scratch.) Supervised homework while the soup simmered, then went back to the kitchen to liquidize it. It is too easy to knock the on/off switch. Guess who did it? With scalding hot tomato soup. It went everywhere, including my own bare arms.

We went swimming after lunch - I think Ocarina-Kid enjoyed having Mum to himself for a change. All was calm and peaceful, until ...

Both boys are home again - within 60 seconds of each other. And the bickering started immediately.
Give me strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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mommyguilt said...

I SO get that...peace and quiet and then BAM! Shattered - back to reality and bickering.

So sorry about the book....I remember getting your email and thought I'd sent it off to you already...SmallBoy's Asperger's book, correct?

If you don't mind dropping me your address via my email again, I'll get that out to you right away. My apologies...what a mess of braincramps!