Sunday, November 05, 2006


It was just a normal Saturday ... only with more in it. SuperSpouse was out all day, so this is what I did:-

  • Glasgow to Paisley for Viola-Kid's orchestra
  • And home again, to do the ironing
  • Glasgow to Paisley to collect Viola-Kid, with the other two along for the ride
  • Paisley to Milngavie to collect Cello-Boy's prize book from the bookshop
  • Milngavie McDonalds. Before you accuse me of being a Bad Mother, think of what you'd have done to feed your kids in the middle of a day like this!
  • Milngavie to Partick for Viola-Kid's guitar lesson
  • Partick back home to pack bags for the older two to go to sleepovers
  • Glasgow to Paisley to deposit two boys in different parts of Paisley
  • Home again. Prepare casserole in 10 minutes flat, and stick it in the oven
  • Guzzle pork casserole. NB this is Real Food prepared from scratch by my own fair hand
  • Back to Paisley with SuperSpouse and Ocarina-Kid, for a fireworks display
  • Finally, home again. Got Ocarina-Kid to bed then opened a text-book. By this time my headache was so bad that I just took strong painkillers and went to bed. I slept like a log.

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mommyguilt said...

I KNOW that routine! It's craziness, I tell you. Thankfully, LargeBoy had late arrival at school today and didn't need to be there until 10:30, so that eliminated one of my morning stops. Thank goodness PC works different hours than me. Today, alone, with help, and shortened school days (PC's driving included here):

7:10 home to work (usually with a stop at the high school to drop off LargeBoy)

7:50 (PC) home to take elementary school to drop off Girl and SmallBoy

10:15 (PC) home to high school to drop off Large Boy

11:50 (PC) home to elementary school to pick UP Girl & SmallBoy (parent/teacher conferences today & tomorrow, so only 1/2 days)

4:00 - 4:30 office to bank for bank deposit run for work

4:30 - 4:45 bank to home

5:30 - 6:00 home to school in next suburb to drop girl off at softball practice

6:00 -back home and wait

7:00 home to school in next suburb to pick up Girl from softball practice and take her to OUR suburb to basketball practice.

7:30 home

9:00 to school to pick up Girl from basketball practice.

Rats! Now I'm exhausted, too, and it's not even 11:00am yet!