Friday, November 17, 2006

Web Rage!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't you hate them? The spam emails that announce, "We can help you lose weight!"

(or wieght or weiht or weigt or any other misspelling that enables them to dodge your spam-blocker)

THEY don't know me. THEY haven't even seen me. THEY don't know whether I want to lose weight, and frankly, if I wanted to lose weight then I'd sort it out all by myself. Not with THEIR help. So someone, somewhere sits there assuming that we all want to lose weight and will therefore open their stupid spam.

There should be a way of bouncing their infuriating, unhealthy spam back. Preferably down the senders' throats. And if they choke on them, well, they deserve it!

When, oh when will someone devise a way of ensnaring spammers and dealing with them in an appropriate way?

Meanwhile - let's have another chocolate, enjoy life a little and not be made to feel guilty for indulging ourselves!

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