Friday, December 29, 2006

The boys are still happily enjoying their presents. Video-games are all-absorbing! Meanwhile Super-Spouse got a new computer game from the boys, a book from me, and a book from my parents – so for much of the time, all has been quiet upstairs, and I’ve had downstairs to myself. I’m not complaining! Indeed, I borrowed a book about Mother Teresa from the local library, and it has been very pleasant to sit and read quietly without disturbance. You’d be amazed at how quiet our house can be!

Ocarina-kid's vocabulary continues to amaze us. He's only 8 years old. Just before Christmas he confided in Super-Spouse that he was “struggling to contain himself”. The other day, he wanted to know what “consecutive” meant. And then, when he was phoning a school-friend, he turned to me and calmly asked, “how about a little privacy, Mum?” In other words, buzz off!

If his vocabulary is as good as, or better than Viola-Kid's (who is reading books a good 2 years ahead of his age), then our eight-year old's vocabulary must, by inference, be as good as the average 12 or 13 year old. Scary! His class-teacher last year said that some people were all-rounders, whilst others were strong on language or numbers. Ocarina-Kid is clearly strong on language!

In the circumstances, you’ll be relieved to hear that he still believes in Santa (whilst accepting that Santa puts all purchases on Mum’s credit card), and the tooth-fairy. (The fairy visited our house last night, and this means we’re one tooth closer to Ocarina-Kid having enough big teeth to start the saxophone! Even when he has the teeth, I fear his fingers might be too small for a good while yet.)

Viola-Kid has been getting to sleep very, very late this holiday. I don’t know what causes him to stay awake even when he went to bed later than usual. However, he beat his all-time record this morning – I had to waken him just after noon! I don’t think he’s twigged that he actually missed breakfast altogether. We had sausage, beans and toast - if anyone asks, it was brunch!

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