Friday, December 08, 2006

Earlier this week, I drew a chart - showing me all the things I had to do this month. My middle boy took one look, and was mighty impressed.

"Ooh, Mum - a Mind Map!"

I've gone one further - it's now a beautiful Word document with lots of text boxes, colour-infills, and lines. But how am I getting on with the tasks?

  1. Cello-Boy to France. Just saw him onto the coach, so that project is now underway.

  2. Younger boys to pantomime. One panto down, one to go. We took my Singaporean colleague to see the panto at work. She found it surprisingly "interactive". Yes, that's Scottish panto for you! They yelled and bawled at all the right places and some of the wrong ones.

  3. Car. Still got to get the lock fixed and the MOT booked.

  4. Special church service - nearly all sorted. I just need to find a biography of Mother Teresa tomorrow, preferably at the local library. Don't ask ...

  5. Music - still a few lessons to go before the Christmas holidays. And now, a cello to get fixed. The sound-post collapsed inside the instrument. I could do without this!

  6. School - recycling project for no.3 son.

  7. Research - er, just when do I fit it in? Conference paper to write by the end of the year, too.

  8. Christmas ...

Groan! Let's try again.

  1. Christmas - cards, letters, presents, tree, other ornaments and decorations, bake cake, supermarket shopping, Christmas lunch and tea, Santa's wishlists ...

  2. Nervous breakdown - on hold until the new year. My horoscope this evening warned me not to overdo things, or I'd collapse under the strain. So, let's get this straight - one-twelfth of the British population are going to take special care not to overdo things. Would that be around 2% of the men and 2% of the women in the country? No, can't be right. 4% of the men, surely ...
Image from, as I have no idea how to turn a word document into a pdf or jpg.

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