Friday, December 01, 2006


My poor parents are having a tough time of it at present. Dad's still in hospital after another stroke. Mum has been managing a house-move by herself. The buyer of the family home wanted her out by today, or he threatened the sale was off. (That gave her just 2 weeks to finish packing and arrange all that a move entails.) Then he said he'd give her another week if she paid him £5000, cash. Yeah, right! He didn't get it.

Mum is stressed to the max - and this is the woman who copes admirably with anything and everything. Her sister has been staying with her this week, thankfully. But at the end of their long and difficult day, they had a meal round with my brother and his family - then Mum fell asleep in her chair. Poor thing!

Meanwhile, back in Scotland - a woman drove into the back of me this evening. She went through a red light and hit my stationary car. The only good thing is - my car escaped virtually unscathed. (At least, I've only inspected it in the rain in the dark, but there's just a tiny bit cracked beneath the bumper.) You should see her bonnet, though.

I'm knackered. SuperSpouse is just back from a concert some miles away. Time for a spot of supper, then bed.

Next week, things get even more fraught - the carers are on strike at Cello-Boy's hall of residence, so he has to commute to school each day. It could get hairy, trying to ensure everyone is at the right place at the right time. And fulfilling work obligations is merely one of the conundrums to be faced!

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