Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I'm spending my days rushing between work (gotta finish that project this week or else!) and chasing Santa. How I wish that guy would stop putting things on my credit card!

This evening, I took two little boys shopping for Big Brother's present - we went to G4 in the Buchanan Galleries.

"Why can't we go to Braehead in the car?"

"Won't get parked."

Pause. Thoughtfully, "It was easy when we could go to Toys 'R' Us - but now he's too big ..."

So, with minimum protest, we took the Subway. Not too many people on the train, not too many people in Buchanan Galleries. No-one told the boys off for fiddling and playing with all the interesting gadgets on display.

Home again, chased the boys to get ready for bed - and wrapped all but one of the presents lying hidden in odd corners. That one needs batteries ...

I've pondered what Santa will be delivering, and I've updated my shopping list.

NOW! I might spend 15 minutes planning this research paper! (At 23.15 pm? Now you know I'm crackers.)

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