Friday, December 22, 2006

My car had its MOT test yesterday. The old lady passed with flying colours. I took the car back to park it in Govan, went to work on the Subway, and did a little shopping after work before heading home. Time to relax? Goodness, no! Five minutes later I was tearing across to the University Library to renew a book that was already a little overdue - then rushed to Toys 'R' Us and Asda. The car was running fine.

Today, I needed to take the car to town so I could go to the osteopath after work. The car made it to the Clyde Tunnel approach. Someone "flashed" me in, so I released the clutch ...

Eurghh! Ahem! Splutter!

Silly me - I must have been in too high a gear. But no - it did it again, then again. By this time I was IN the tunnel. It was snap-decision time. I decided to go to the Wizards of Finnieston rather than to work, and it was my good luck that the car spluttered and coughed but didn't stall until I turned in down the lane where the Wizards live. Even more good luck was to follow. It was the coil pack - they had a spare one - and it was fitted in ten minutes flat. Is that lucky or more than lucky?

I tell you, it's a good thing I did my Christmas shopping using public transport this week - or I could have broken down in the middle of the Braehead Christmas parking nightmare. As it was, I got to work half an hour late, somewhat stressed and ready for a cuppa, but otherwise okay. Made it to the osteopath, and am home, trying to relax.

Relaxation? What's that!

My own letter to Santa included wishes for:-
  • Peace and quiet
  • Nae quarrelling
  • A tidy house

Please, please, dear Santa, if I can just have those three things ...

A propos of the Wizard of Finnieston, you might be interested to know that there appears to be a Piano Wizard there as well as a Citroen Wizard. Check this out!

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mommyguilt said...

I' still Christmas-ing on Boxing Day (glad I finally learned what Boxing Day really is, too), so day after, kids, PC, Little Sis and I are all doing a whole lot of nothing.

MOT for the car? Moment-of-Truth? LOL - I'm guessing that's your environmental emissions test?

We have a similar car story: PC and I had traveled far north to look at a house we were interested in. House was a bust, the neighborhood was awful (which explained the fabulous price), and, on the way home, as we were driving about 80mph, the car jerked and lurched, and wouldn't rev at all. We made it into and out of the tollbooth and she did it again, only worse. Somehow our dear little car managed to get us safely off the highway, down a main road, pushed herself to get through an intersection after a stoplight and made it into a parking light before her transmission finally just gave up.

It seems that there are times when our cars hate us and times when they truly love us. I'm glad you used public transportation, also, when you were shopping. Perhaps that's why she waited to conk out on you until you were where you could get a speedy fix.