Saturday, December 16, 2006

Our kids ought to have signs on their bedroom doors. A bit like car-parks, only in their case, it's

Pay and Convey

Superspouse says we must be the only taxi-service that pays the passengers before they get out at their destination.

On Thursday morning, Cello-Kid (having cost something over £300 for a French shopping weekend with the school) needed more cash. We shuffled around what we had and sent him off with what he said he needed. But as he got out of the car, he announced they were going out that evening, so he'd need still more. Right, fine. I don't think I've even been told where they eventually went!

And this is the first year that we're finding Christmas outings are costing Megabucks, not just the odd quid here or there. What with Xscape snow-boarding last night, and tonight Laser-Questing then McDonald's, there seems to be no end to it all. And that's leaving aside anything the younger boys are invited to. They're low-maintenance by comparison!

Last night, Cello-Kid innocently asked if I was doing anything today, as he wanted a haircut. Spluttering over our spaghetti, SuperSpouse and I exchanged knowing glances.

"Well, there's Ocarina-Kid's optician's appointment, Viola-Kid's orchestra practice, picking up a prescription, rushing to the jeweller with a broken ring, dropping off a present at one of the godmother's, ferrying two boys to a Sunday-school party, and buying one secret-Santa gift and three gifts for the church gift service ...and cooking tea. No, I can't say I've got much on. Not so as you'd notice, or anything ..."

I've done the recycling project with Ocarina-Kid (we made night-light holders out of a cereal packet, jam-jars, aluminium foil, newspaper and sequins), and now it's his bathtime. Then I have to start writing Christmas cards.

I had a good research-based day yesterday, but it already feels a long while ago...

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