Sunday, December 24, 2006

Yesterday (Saturday) saw me setting out bright and early with Ocarina-Kid to fetch his new glasses from the optician.

We also paid a cheque into the bank, and bought potatoes and carrots from a city centre supermarket, since Asda didn't have any at 1.45 am yesterday morning.

Yes, I did say 1.45 am. I left the house at midnight to do my weekly supermarket shop. Asda was going like a fairground. It was only j-u-s-t thinning out when I left at 1.45 am, and I'd had to queue long enough at the checkout before that! The poor shelf-stackers couldn't get their crates down the aisles for shoppers. I was sorry for them!

Anyway, I got to bed at 3 am and got up at 8 am, so we could go into town smartish and get it over with. Which we did.

I hadn't been home long before Cello-Kid asked (politely) if we could go and buy an internet adapter for their Nintendo DS consoles. "Where?", I asked. There was no way I was driving to Braehead shopping centre, because it would be mobbed. So, to be fair, he phoned round all the video game shops in the city centre. Found an adapter, and arranged for it to be kept aside. What did we do yesterday afternoon? Back to town by subway, to collect the adapter. Three happy boys, one exhausted Mum. I snoozed for most of the evening. Trying to put a clean duvet-cover on Ocarina-Kid's duvet, I was so ham-fisted that SuperSpouse told me firmly to "get a grip". But that was just the problem - I couldn't get a grip. I was sleepy, and uncoordinated, and my arms ached. I'm sure Christmas isn't meant to be so exhausting.

This afternoon, we went to see "Happy Feet", which was a frivolous piece of nonsense but raised chuckles all round. Now, SuperSpouse has had his own evening nap, prior to doing whatever he and the boys need to organise. I was temporarily shut in the kitchen to keep me out of the way. Sadly, I had already "made" my Yuletide log. (Asda made it, whilst I butter-iced and decorated it.) So, I phoned home to fill in the time.

They're bringing my father from his stroke rehabilitation centre to my brother's house for Christmas lunch tomorrow. I hope it goes okay. It's four hundred miles away, so I won't be there! In the New Year, they plan to send my father home. Doubly incontinent, for a 76-year old woman to care for 23.5 hours a day - because he allegedly doesn't meet the criteria for a nursing home. As Mum said, he has had six mini-strokes, has only one kidney and no pituitary gland, has prostate cancer and double-incontinence. What criteria do they need?!

And I'm four hundred miles away, unable to do much to help because I am a full-time working mum with a husband and three young kids. The trouble is, society has changed. When you married young and had your kids young, and didn't go out to work, then you had more time to look after your elderly relatives. I married later, had my kids much later, and work 9 to 5. I have to - we'd be on benefits otherwise!

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mommyguilt said...

Hey Pseudo-SuperSanta! SmallBoy and I are off momentarily to sing at our Christmas service - it's the Children's focus mass, he will sing with the choir, and I will lead the congregation. We're faring a bit better, did all of our "oh shit" shopping today, and are having some guests tonight to celebrate the holiday. Still a little stressed, but I'd love to join you for a cup of tea and some relaxation!
Have a very Merry Christmas - you'll be celebrating HOURS before we will!