Saturday, January 06, 2007


NO flights from Bristol today – new runway too slippery! The plan of action?
  1. Phone Easyjet - advised to visit website.
  2. Visit website - advised to phone Easyjet ....
  3. Executive decision! Don’t go to last morning of conference; instead, try being a Human in a Queue at airport.
  4. Reach Airport 7 hours before flight.
  5. Glasgow flight cancelled – not redirected via Cardiff
  6. Advised to get express bus to bus station and head for Gatwick.
  7. No seats on the coach at bus station
  8. Taxi to train station
  9. Train at perfect time!
  10. Train withdrawn from service at Bath
  11. Wait for next train – change twice more and get to Gatwick on time …
  12. Easyjet to Glasgow delayed.
  13. McDonalds for lunch at 4 pm.
  14. Modest G&T while waiting patiently …

Home, sweet home - loving family waiting at airport to ferry me home. (Show me the way to go home - I'm TIRED and I want to go to bed ... )

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