Saturday, January 27, 2007

Great Ex-Spec-tations?
Irritations, more like.

So what's gone wrong now? Three times in the past month, the (only very slightly chipped) lens has fallen out of my "rimless" glasses. If you wear them yourself, you'll know there is a plastic cord in place of the rim. The trouble is, if you're long-sighted then it is blooming hard getting the lens back INTO position again. Especially first thing in the morning! Because you haven't got your specs on to see what you're doing ...

I knew that Boots was offering a "two for the price of one" deal. However, that was only for single-focus lenses. Optical Express just had a "percentage-off" deal. SpecSavers had "two for the price of one" including varifocal lenses, so that was the deal for me. The only problem was that there's no SpecSavers within distance of a lunchbreak at work. It had to wait until the weekend.

This afternoon, I sallied forth, and went to Clydebank. Found the shopping-centre (easy); found the shop (fairly easy) and found two different frames (very tricky). Then produced my prescription to discover ...


Oh, horror - I had picked up our youngest son's prescription by mistake. Oh, sh**! BACK to the car, back home, forage about and find my own prescription, and finally, back to Clydebank SpecSavers again. Two pairs of cool, trendy, new-style glasses ordered and paid for. Right - now I have to hope that the present pair stay together just 7-10 days more!

You know something? I ought to be:-

  1. Helping boys do their music practice

  2. Doing the ironing

  3. Supervising bathtime

  4. Getting on with my research.

I'd better get a move on!

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