Saturday, January 20, 2007

I need your opinion. The following statement was recently overheard. How would you react?

"Just because I've worn a jumper every day for a month doesn't mean it needs to be washed ...."

Well, I can assure you that the Irish washerwoman in me was - well, her Scottish cousins would say she was "black-affrontit". Doesn't need to be washed, indeed! As long as it lives under my roof, it will be washed. Regularly!


Felicity from Down Under said...

But suppose you couldn't get it off the wearer when you were around to wash it? That's often my dilemma. You're right though. And my Irish ancestry agrees with my Scottish ancestry and your comment. Yes, it needs to be washed. Regularly. None of this wearing it for a month and thinking it hasn't acquired a certain, well, character of its own!

KillermontChristian said...

Nope, sorry girls! The one true Irish woman says if it's wool, let it go (it can breathe), if it's man made fibre, don't even buy it!

I LIKE character (but then I don't have sons...)