Thursday, January 11, 2007

I've just deleted Recycled Postgrad and Pseudo-Supercook. There simply wasn't time to maintain them. Then after that, something strange happened to my sidebar - it went blank - so I have adopted a new layout and will have to put my sidebar links back again. I'm afraid I have lost my friends' links, and I apologise that I'll have to ask for them all over again!

Viola-Kid has been burning up with a temperature today, so I've been at home with him. I've tidied, and sorted, and done a spot of mending. I've made soup (not that the invalid was hungry). In fact, after all my bending and stretching, my back and shoulders aren't quite as sore as they have been for the past couple of weeks. Maybe I've actually helped myself!

What I haven't done is any research-reading. I think I'm still in "I've delivered a paper at a conference so now I'm on holiday" mode. Perhaps when I get back from the church anniversary service this evening, and after I've put away a supermarket delivery, I might just open a book for some light reading. I have plenty to choose from.

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