Thursday, January 25, 2007


If a boy is knee'd in the stomach during a playground football match (when he's nowhere near the ball); if the opposition kicks and hacks their opponents' shins and ankles; if they shove and punch and generally play dirty - well, obviously complaints have to be made.

The boys complained to their teacher three times in recent weeks - and she complained to the teacher of the opposing side. Nothing happened. I phoned the mother of a school-pal to check my facts, then phoned the school.

Things happened. Viola-Kid and his pal were interviewed by the Acting Head. The opposition were "talked to". Football was banned for a couple of days. So we shall watch with interest to see what happens next week. It was certainly taken seriously enough. But - full marks to the Acting Head - she remembered that the same troublesome ten-year olds (thugs in the making) were trouble at the age of six! Yikes!

I've been to work; been to the Uni for a wonderful lunchtime concert of Scottish music; been home for tea; taken a choir practice; nipped into the supermarket for - erm - liquid refreshment - so now it feels like time to remove the cork.


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