Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Time for some Rest and Relaxation!

First there was the run up to Christmas. Then, having enjoyed Boxing Day, I had to gird up my loins to finish background reading and then write a research paper. The conference starts in Bristol, tomorrow.

Between Thursday and Saturday, I wrote 7,400 words. A friend thinks I must have kissed the Blarney Stone. (I didn't, honest!)

Between Sunday and Tuesday, I slaved over a hot computer keyboard, cutting the paper down to a reasonable size. You see, I only have 20 minutes in which to speak. I might, just might, manage this - I've reduced the paper to 3,250 words. I don't know if there'll be time for playing musical examples, mind you.

My neck and shoulders are so stiff that I had a dreadful night's sleep last night. I dreamt I was in bed beside a shrouded Virgin Mary, who got up and wandered off, only later turning up in a single wardrobe. By this time she had shrunk, and was clutching a plastic-wrapped Power Ranger model, which she wouldn't let go of. I wasn't supposed to let anyone know that she had (a) wandered off or (b) shrunk. But what I don't quite understand is why I had climbed into bed beside a shrouded BVM in the first place! Was this supposed to imbue some special grace or favour? Goodness knows!

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