Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How to get PseudoSupermum from Glasgow to Leicester and back, CHEAPLY, for a meeting beginning at 10 am on Tuesday 13th February?

Here's a challenge! (I might as well tell you now - I failed.)

  1. It is not on to have to make two overnight coach-journeys, each lasting almost 12 hours, even if it did work out at £52.

  2. I tried various combinations of rail travel - even travelling from Edinburgh, or going to various other destinations. No cheap tickets to be had.

  3. Flying? No flights!
  4. I consider myself too old to hitch lifts. (The charming picture is from goblinsearch.com, but I don't think they would transport an ageing librarian anywhere, do you?)

It's all very frustrating, when I really would have liked to have attended that meeting!

Having wasted an inordinate amount of time trying to sort out the conundrum, I turned to the weekly online shopping order. Done! But how much time have I got left for research reading? Not nearly enough.

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