Sunday, February 25, 2007

I'm on my knees - it must be Sunday afternoon!

Super-Spouse has been conspicuously absent this weekend. He worked yesterday morning, and went to Model-Rail yesterday afternoon. Went BACK to Model-Rail this morning, and is out with his choir this afternoon. Cello-Kid has been equally conspicuously absent, away on an orchestral course. So that left me and C-K's younger brothers.

We're not so much taxi-drivers as roadies to our youngsters. Yesterday, I ferried Viola-Kid to his various engagements. Super-Spouse transported C-K to his music course.

Today, it's my turn - I've had three church services to play for. Viola-Kid and Ocarina-Kid weren't too chuffed to find themselves back at church after a cheese toastie lunch. At least they don't have to turn out a third time. Super-Spouse is, even as I write, collecting C-K back from his course.

Meanwhile, I've cooked Sunday dinner - you can't call it lunch, at 5 pm. Viola-Kid appeared beside me, and engagingly asked, "NOW can we go to Toys'R'Us?"

"But it's dinner in half an hour ...!"

"It's alright - we can get there and back in twenty minutes."

Watch my lips. NO! I'm tired, my shoulder and arm are sore, I have to keep an eye on the vegetables, and I ain't goin' nowhere in the next hour!

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