Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sex change between lunch and tea-time!

We're going to Spain for our summer holidays, and SuperSpouse decided it was time to book the flights. I got back from Cello-Boy's lunchtime recital yesterday, to find the print-outs of all our travel arrrangements lying neatly on our bed.

I blinked. Hard. There we all were - Mr Super Spouse, Mr Pseudo SuperMum, and three Super Boys. Funny ... I could have sworn he knew I was female!

Fearing we'd have to pay EasyJet vast sums of money to correct the mistakes, I phoned the number that I found on the website. That was the 65p a minute line. The recorded message gave another number for general customer enquiries, so I tried that one next - only 10p a minute.

The woman customer adviser laughed. "What WAS he thinking of?!"

"Probably congratulating himself on being a clever boy and getting the flights all sorted?", I suggested. It had been quite complicated, getting all the flights coordinated, so he was entitled to be pleased with himself.

As a courtesy, that dear lady changed my sex back from male to female, free of charge! It was quite a relief, I can tell you. And I didn't feel a thing!

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