Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Once again, this is not Pseudo Supermum's day.

You know I mentioned Super-Spouse's really sore leg, the other day? Well, today he rang me at work to inform me that it is now really very sore. He went to the doctor. I took him to Casualty.

Yes, it really is very sore - it may be a thrombosis. He's rather disappointed that he won't be going all the way to Dornoch to visit an old friend tomorrow - but he's going back to the hospital for a vein test to see what's going on. He got an injection this evening and was told to go home and act normally.

What did he do? Spent the night on the phone. That's normal.

Watch this space for further updates.

Oh, yes - on a different subject - I've discovered my StatCounter tells me all sorts of interesting things about how folk find Pseudo-Supermum's website. The fascinating thing is that there's someone out there in Belfast who visits me quite often. Could I find out more than that, though? Nah! Your anonymity is still guaranteed. Thank you for visiting, all the same - I appreciate that.

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Rose Marie said...

Wow, I hope SS will be OK! He is in our thoughts and prayers!

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! I've been having fun with the posting.