Saturday, March 24, 2007

I'm laden with cold, and just h-o-p-e-d that I'd get home to a bit of loving sympathy from my family last night.

"How are you?" "Come and sit down - you look exhausted." "You poor thing ..."

Piffle! (Or should that have been, Sniffle!)
Some hope! The testosterone was working overtime, and three of the four of them were like bears with sore heads. Not an iota of sympathy - just everyone determined to tell me how awful everyone else was.

And then I opened the bill for my car repair.

Crikey! Nearly double what I'd been quoted, and believe me, I had been quoted a Big Bill. I won't tell you what my car has cost me this month - it probably isn't WORTH the total that I've had to spend. The only thing is - it's less than buying a new car, and this one is paid for. Now I know that I can drive it again, I have to take a deep breath - because it's time to pay its road-tax, too.

And suddenly I feel even more pale and interesting than I had before.

The fourth bear was being equable and nice. That was only temporary! I'd planned to take the boys for hair-cuts today. And there's a rescheduled guitar lesson. Not to mention a guitar concert tonight which is, I can assure you, a treat to savour - the soloist is said to be fantastic.


Gulp. I'd forgotten about that. I'd broken my own Code of Conduct, which is never to promise anything unless you're sure you can see your way to fulfilling it. I checked the web. Found the shop, phoned the number. Nothing. Phoned Directory Enquiries, got another number at a different address. Phoned, twice. Got the fax machine twice.

Finally, success! "Are you holding Yu-gi-oh tournaments on Saturday mornings?"

"Sorry, no. We plan to, but not yet."

Ah well, I tried. Not my fault if they had to move premises and aren't up-to-speed yet.

(Images from, with grateful thanks. They sell pepper spray to protect you from bears. Might even work on the human variety?....)

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