Saturday, March 17, 2007

Now, where was I?

Oh yes, I mentioned problems with my car. It went to the garage 11 days ago, and I learned how to bleed the cooling system. This didn't cure it. It went on overheating.
Back it went to the garage, and I hired a Yaris. I had it for a week - and I was scared witless. I'm 48 years old, but I'd never hired a car, and certainly never driven a car with a mere 145 miles on the clock. Yikes!

The hire car went BACK to the hire company yesterday, but then I learned that my own car, far from firing on all cylinders, was languishing at the garage, refusing to start at all. Admittedly, with the cylinder-head having been repaired and the cylinder-head gasket replaced. But a car is just a heap of metal if it won't GO.

I'm waiting. Hopefully, poor old Xantia will be returned to me very soon, and then I can do the supermarket run. It's amazing how much you miss a car when you are without it.

Update on the boys:- Cello Kid won his class in the Glasgow Music Festival. So did Viola Kid, a week later. We're still waiting for Viola Kid's Viola exam results, mind you. And we've entered him for a guitar exam next term.

We entertained last night. I'm proud to announce that my totally vegan meal was very successful. It was a new challenge. We had a great evening, but as soon as the visitors were away and the dishwasher loaded, we slumped in front of the TV and next thing we knew ....


It was after 2 am. Cello-Kid informs us that he came to say goodnight just after 11 pm, saw us asleep and left us there. I told him that another time, he had my permission to wake me up and send ME to bed!

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