Sunday, March 25, 2007


Viola-Kid will need a full-sized viola one day, so in my infinite wisdom I decided it was time to visit eBay.

I consulted a vendor. I consulted our teacher. I hung around on tenterhooks to make my bid at the Last Minute, and - shhh! - bid £20 more than our teacher recommended, just to give us a chance of success. I was the highest bidder.

Blow me if someone else didn't beat me in the last four seconds. It obviously wasn't meant to be. And to be truthful, Viola-Kid needs a bigger student-size viola before he needs a full-sized one. Back to the drawing-board, then.

This fantastic cartoon comes from - I loved it so much that I had to quote it, with my grateful thanks to the owner of the website. Hopefully Viola-Kid won't mind a picture of a GIRL viola player ...

We were going to go to Gourock with SuperSpouse this morning. However, things conspired against us.
  1. Everyone was tired after going to a guitar recital last night
  2. We'd lost an hour's sleep because of the change to British Summer Time
  3. I was even more tired because of this blooming sniffly snuffly virus
  4. We couldn't face dragging three little grumps downstairs for an early breakfast, when it wasn't strictly essential.

So, what did we do? SuperSpouse went alone. The rest of us had a lazy breakfast. I had a dust-busting spree with the hand-held vac, and disgusted myself with the amount it collected from various inaccessible corners in our bedroom and on the landing. I also over-fed the washing machine, and actually got it all out on the line when the sun came out this afternoon.

Viola-Kid is now happy because we all went for a KFC meal at lunchtime, to celebrate his recent Distinction in his Grade 2 Viola exam. And Cello-Kid has distinguished himself by baking a cake All By Himself (from a packet-mix) - which went down very well at tea-time.

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