Monday, March 26, 2007

Okay, now how am I going to explain this to my PhD supervisor? I haven't achieved as much as I intended this week, because I had a viral infection and then - er - this evening I had to turn a hardboiled egg into a Dalek for the P4 egg-decorating competition .........

You think that's verging on the lunatic fringe? Try this, then. Cello-Kid was out playing in the street this weekend, when he met some local kids that he used to know at his first Boys' Brigade company. Apparently they used to call him Kipper. Don't ask me why - I only heard this yesterday.

"You're Kipper, aren't you? Or are you Kipper's big brother?"

Kipper said, yes he actually was the genuine article.

"Yes, you must be Kipper", came the reply. I remember you - you can play piano like f***!!"

"Kipper" - my eldest son, that is - came back indoors to tell me this, and commented, "Well, they should hear me now!" And he's not boasting - his piano playing has improved enormously in the past two years, and his cello playing is better still. But they never heard him play cello!

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