Sunday, March 18, 2007

To quote the Citroen-Wizard ...

"Woop-di-Doop!" They got the car going. It drove me to church and back without incident today, and I was - believe me - very glad indeed.

It's Mother's Day here in the UK. I got cards and three big bunches of roses, and we went out for lunch at an Indian restaurant in the city. Parking was a bit tricky - the Gordon Street multi-storey car-park was pretty full, and it is ridiculously tight for manoeuvring a big car. I suspect it dates back to the 70's when big cars weren't, on average, quite so big - and no-one had thought of people-movers. However, the meal was very good, so it was worth the effort.

We got back, and I slumbered contentedly under my Nana's crocheted blanket while the others watched TV. Then the phone rang.

Viola-Kid got a Distinction for his Grade 2 viola! What a lovely end to a Mother's Day!

I tried doing a Google image search for a "Junior Viola Player".
Back it came with "Did you mean, Junior Violin Player?"

Now, ain't that typical! No wonder viola players feel misunderstood ...

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