Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I'm having to multitask my multitasking these days!
Last Saturday to Monday I went to a conference in Kemble. Scottish trespassers on the line delayed me on the way down - I arrived 3 HOURS late. English trespassers tried (but failed) to delay us on the way back, but Virgin trains did better than that - there were nearly no loos and the buffet closed halfway back to Scotland, because of staff shortages.
At Carlisle we got bottled water and biscuits, which I was grateful for. But I'd have preferred a coffee, a sandwich, and the use of a toilet!
Back to work on Tuesday after a week and a half off. Sounds okay? You should have seen my intray. Add to that a meeting at 11 am, and a departmental commitment from noon onwards.
Today (Wednesday) should have been better? Wrong. More to add to the overflowing pile of books that would have been catalogued if I hadn't been on holiday. More queries. More missing stock. A meeting all afternoon, and a business trip to Birmingham tomorrow. Lovely. My heart overflows with gladness. And by Friday, my intray will be overflowing to match.
This lunchtime I tore round like a mad thing, visiting the building society, bank, chemist, stationers ... why sit still when you can just keep moving? "I'd better not disturb her", a student whispered to a colleague. "She looks stressed." OH DEAR! That is not acceptable. I simply cannot LOOK stressed - I have to give the impression I can handle whatever is thrown at me, even if it is sometimes enough for three normal beings...

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