Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm just a Roadie! I took the boys to the childminder's this morning, rushed back to Govan subway to go to work. Rushed BACK to Govan to get the car and collect them from the childminder's after school. Back home for toast and lager shandy (a quick snack!) before roadie-ing them to viola and piano lessons.

Someone asked about my carbon footprint today. Well, you can calculate your own carbon footprint, but that website only calculates it over a year, so I'm not really much the wiser. I could reduce my carbon footprint by giving up work, selling the car, and persuading my family to use a lot less of everything. But we need my salary (I'm the main breadwinner), and hence I need my car. I left work at 4 pm, used public transport to the nearest subway station, used my car for the rest of my tasks, and still only had ten minutes in the house between 6.20 and 6.30 pm. Had I not used the car, we wouldn't have made it to the lessons at all.

Back home to cook tea and deal with all the voicemail messages. SuperSpouse goes to Croydon for just three nights and the answering machine fills up during the first DAY! (To be honest, three of the calls were from Cello-Kid, and only four were for SuperSpouse. None for the rest of us.)

SuperSpouse himself called. I couldn't resist answering, "Hello, I'm afraid SuperSpouse is Out of the Office today. Please leave your name and number, and he'll be happy to call you back on Friday."

"Huh!", snorted SuperSpouse.

I posted my postal vote today (what else would you do with it?, I hear you ask). Back home, the phone rang.

SuperSpouse stupidly joined a political party a few months ago. Bad move. "Please could I speak to SuperSpouse about the forthcoming election?

"He's coming back late on Thursday, I'm afraid."

"Ah, then I'll ring him then."

"There's not much point - he's coming back late."

"Would you remind him that the polling station is open until 10 pm?"

"Certainly. But please don't ring back. I've already voted." Click!

Image from - Zero carbon footprint website

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Killermont Christian said...

Not purchasing a new wardrobe at the change of every season also reduces the size of your carbon footprint!