Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm on my KNEES with tiredness. I've covered 2030 miles in ten days. Got back from the latest trip yesterday (visiting my elderly parents). I finished Birthday Boy's 11th birthday preparations (ie baked and iced cake, decorated dining room appropriately, etc) - but didn't get to bed until half past midnight.

By this stage we'd had a beaming boy asking if he could open his gifts now he was officially eleven. NO! Sorry, but the usual practice is to have a Sleep before the birthday officially begins.

He awoke at 6.30 am this morning, overtired and overexcited, opened his gifts, then managed to argue with each member of the family before breakfast. What a delight!

Today I've been to work, given a presentation to some librarianship postgrads at one of our city universities, and seen my own postgrad supervisor at the end of the day.

The birthday cake was a great success, thankfully.

SuperSpouse and I both snoozed after tea - we were simply shattered. I've pottered this evening, done a bit of mending, but done no research or anything of that nature at all. I am too damn tired!

I'm going to have to work so hard in the library tomorrow, to get done all the tasks I couldn't do while I was away. I only hope there aren't any unexpected interruptions!

Image from Aikido, Reading UK http://www.aikido-reading.co.uk/micro_site/images/stretch_11a.jpg

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