Friday, April 13, 2007


Our elderly aunt is talking again - confusedly, because she has had Alzheimer's for several years - but the hospital says she has made such good progress that in a few days she may be able to go "home" to the care-home.

We're astounded! But watch this space - we won't believe it until it happens.


I have written most of my research paper today! Yesterday we went swimming before lunch. Afterwards, the boys went round to play with friends while I played at the crematorium, so that SuperSpouse could go sick-visiting. Then I weeded some more of the border. It hadn't occurred to me that this stiffness in my neck and shoulders would be aggravated by weeding. Boy, did I have a headache afterwards? Paracetamol didn't work. I footered about with the research in the evening, compiling a beautiful chronological list that really served little purpose.

Anyway, this morning I took two of my brilliant tension headache tablets, after which it dawned on me that all I was really doing was displacement activity.

I got out my abstract, took a deep breath, and started writing. And so it came to pass ...

How's this for a title?

“Do for God’s sake make out a Preface”:
positioning your product in the contemporary market
You'd never know it was about 19th century Scottish music collections, would you?

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