Sunday, April 08, 2007


There's just too much happening round here! For any friends trying to keep up with Pseudo Supermum, here is a quick run-down.

TOMORROW - OUR 20TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Didn't we do well? SuperSpouse, with his usual capacity for the "bon mot", says we've made it because we're both stubborn bastards... My version is that in 20 years, I've learned it's not worth arguing. I don't have to AGREE - I just don't bother arguing.


Today - Easter Sunday. We were up at 6.15 am and out of the house by 6.50 am, for the first of two Easter celebrations at church. The boys didn't actually believe they'd be going out so early. But they found themselves out, all the same. There was breakfast after the early (outdoor) service. The boys played in the park beside church between the 7.30 am service and the 10 am service.

Last Sunday - Palm Sunday. There was a resoundingly successful performance of John Stainer's "The Crucifixion" at church. I conducted - SuperSpouse played the organ. The augmented choir excelled themselves, the invited soloists were spectacular, and we got lots of nice comments afterwards. Psychologically, it is a real boost for the choir to be able to say that despite being comparatively small in numbers, we can still achieve great things.

"I haven't done much research, but I did spend two evenings making a Dalek out of a boiled egg."

A Dal-egg, in fact.

You can imagine the reaction to that excuse! Total bewilderment. Research students are allowed to be boffins. Eccentric, even. But Eggcentric?

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