Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tuesday - on my knees. Sunday night - just flattened!

(This image is from - acknowledged with thanks.)
You know things have got out of hand when you can't remember what you did five days ago. Someone tell me what I did on Wednesday!
Not to worry. This weekend, I gave my conference paper, organised an 11-year old birthday party, went to a concert, played for two church services, fitted in a trip to Braehead shopping centre for trainers (Cello-Kid), and a Nintendo game - Birthday Boy's money was burning a hole in his pocket.
The robotic dragonfly (his main present) is a fabulous thing, but it needs space, and even our Victorian house with its high ceilings isn't really spacious enough. So maybe you won't be surprised to learn that three little boys were desperately keen to go to church early this morning. Not to fly it in the sanctuary, of course - that might have offended people - but in the annexe. Wheeee! Happy smiles all round.

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