Friday, April 13, 2007

Wheeee! (or, as Cello-Kid would say, YES!!!)

I've finished the first draft of my research paper for the conference at the end of this month. I feel purged! It's a very nice feeling to know that you've finished something a fortnight early. It means I have plenty of time to modify it, which I hope is a Good Thing. I ended up changing my lovely title - it wasn't specific enough. And, since the focus of the paper changed since I first wrote my abstract, I now need to re-write the abstract. Tonight. Hmmm ... I shouldn't have been so sure I'd finished!

With my other, full-time hat on, I am going to Cirencester tomorrow for a music librarians' conference. I can take my laptop on the train and continue thinking about the research paper, but I can also do some background reading that I've been meaning to do for ages.

Strange to think that, if a speaker suddenly dropped out, I'd coincidentally have a paper all at the ready. No, I don't expect that to happen for a minute.

Excuse me, I'm distracted by that abstract ...

The above image is what I found when I did a Google image search on "distracted". Not sure of the relevance, but I loved the picture. Thanks to (a blogger at

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