Thursday, May 03, 2007


Yes, you read me right. I went and picked up the boys from Boys' Brigade last night. First we had the "Ah wiz bullied" routine. (Ocarina-Kid fell over in the park and they laughed at him. I told him firmly that it didn't count as bullying - indeed, he might have laughed if it happened to someone else.)

Then I asked who had put a wooden ice-lolly stick down the toilet earlier that night. Silence. I went into somewhat graphic detail about what happens when other things can't get flushed away because there's a blockage. Silence. I commented calmly that one of them would, I was sure, eventually tell me who did it.

Finally, it emerged that Viola-Kid might be coming close to a confession. He agreed that it hadn't been a good idea and he wouldn't do it again.

"Oh! I thought you were saying I had done it!", Ocarina-Kid chirped up from the back of the car.

Quick as a flash, Viola-Kid spun round. "Did you put your lolly stick down the toilet too?"

Don't you love kids?

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