Friday, May 04, 2007


SuperSpouse's last aunt died this evening. As well as advanced Alzheimer's disease, followers of this blog will recall that she had a heart attack about a month ago. She was well enough to be sent back to the care-home where she'd been living the past couple of years, but she wasn't really back even to the state she'd been in before the attack. A couple of weeks later, she developed a chest infection, and this week we've really just been waiting for the news.

SuperSpouse got back from Croydon last night and went straight to sit with her through the night. He got home at 5 am this morning. I'd been waiting for him, so I got very little sleep, too. I took the boys to school so he could sleep on, then went to work - rather late, but unavoidably so.

I've told the boys that, considering the only people she remembered were her mother and father, sister and brother, then it was good to know that now she would be reunited with them again, and that people didn't suffer from Alzheimer's or any other diseases once they got to heaven.

She'll also be reunited with her husband. They didn't get on brilliantly in latter years, and I'm waiting for a theologian to explain to me how souls might possibly interact with one another in these circumstances!

No details of the funeral yet. The death can't be registered until after the public holiday on Monday.

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