Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everyone wants a bit of me ...

... as you see, I'm coming apart. (This image is from ) I am just so tired. I've been pulled in all directions. All I want is a cup of tea - and then bed!

Please don't be alarmed by the picture. Visit the Toy Repairs website and you'll see that dolls, at least, can be restored as good as new with a little bit of TLC!

As it happens, I seem to have caused concern to one of my regular readers by pausing mid-post last night. So I hope that you'll be reassured that I am really, truly, here - with all parts correctly assembled.

Big sighs of relief in our family - we've delivered our BB Plant Sale leaflet allocation at last! It was lovely and sunny after the parade today, so we took advantage of (a) being in the locality and (b) the boys being in uniform, to go and get the task done.

Back home, I did what all supermums do, and made a nice beef casserole for lunch, followed by a steamed apple sponge pudding for afters. Then, strictly as a chilling-out activity, I got a Dundee cake all prepared to go in the oven when the casserole came out.

No research has been done for a few days. I've had not a minute to myself. I'm afraid this afternoon has been spent catching up on correspondence and form-filling, laundry, and trying to remember how you draw a pentagon with lines of a given length ... I was GOOD at maths. I took my O-level early and got a respectable mark. But it was more than two-thirds of my life ago.

(The image was borrowed from, an evangelical Christian website. I searched for an image of a puzzled woman, and this one just leapt out at me.)

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