Saturday, May 19, 2007

It's been a BB morning. The Junior Boys Brigade has gone off to an outdoor centre for fun, games and a sausage sizzle. Or, as a friend suggested, it might be a sausage drizzle, because it is pouring with rain. Meanwhile, the Boys Brigade Company Section had a plant sale, mercifully indoors. The plants were flying off the shelves. Cello-Kid went back and forth carrying plants to customers' cars.

We fitted in a trip to the charity shop with the last of Auntie's clothes, on the way home. It's strange to realise that SuperSpouse won't be going to visit her at the care-home this weekend.

SuperSpouse is sleepy - hardly surprising, as we've had a busy week. Still, I've made tomato soup which I am about to put in the blender, so that should line our tummies and cheer us up a bit.

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