Wednesday, May 02, 2007


SuperSpouse went to Croydon on Monday, and returns Thursday evening. He went with a tram-buff friend to visit a third tram-buff friend.

Today they went by Chunnel to Paris. Out came the champagne, apparently. Not so much "last of the summer wine" as "first of the summer champagne", then. Maybe you have to be British to understand that one. "Last of the summer wine" is a TV programme ...

(Image from

Yesterday, I got the sad news that SuperSpouse's elderly aunt, having survived a heart-attack three weeks ago, is now very poorly with a chest infection. We don't honestly expect her to last much longer. It seems as though her system has had enough. In SuperSpouse's absence, I'm the one ringing the care-home or waiting for news.

At least the two younger boys and I are at home tomorrow. Because of the Holyrood elections, their school is closed, and I have to take leave to be home with them. The same elections mean no choir practice tomorrow night, either. It'll be strangely peaceful. (Hopefully ...)

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