Thursday, May 10, 2007

Multi-tasking the multi-tasking isn't enough! Everyone wants a piece of me and there isn't enough to go around.

Do you know, I worked on Monday but I was actually AT HOME in the evening.

Tuesday - time off in lieu so I could fit in a doctor's appointment, a small amount of research, family dental check-ups - and play for a church service at night.

Wednesday - work, boys to Boys' Brigade - and play for a church service at night.

Thursday - work, and choir practice at church in the evening. No time to go shopping this week - do online Tesco order then panic about meeting with research supervisor tomorrow. (Panic, panic, PANIC!!)

Friday - work, then Boys' Brigade - at church in the evening.

Saturday - wedding at church in the afternoon then entertaining friends at home.

Sunday - only church in the morning. But we still have leaflets to deliver - it rained too hard last Sunday, and I haven't had a free minute since then ...


You don't want to know what next week is like. There's Auntie's funeral on Tuesday, which means offering a bed to her former best friend on Monday night and possibly on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning is a major problem as I have a meeting at 9 am and SuperSpouse is flying to Croydon, early. Need I go on? Well, I can't! I'm too busy panicking about tomorrow ... This life of mine is CRAZY, I tell you!

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